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web internetové stránky n: [it.]
web pavučina n:
web síť
web síťový adj:
web tkanina n:
web tkanivo
web web n: [it.]
web webový adj:
Web Duše GB
Web Pavučina GB
Web Tkáň


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web. web .


WebA weaver.
WebThat which is woven; a texture; textile fabric; esp., something woven in a loom.
WebA whole piece of linen cloth as woven.
WebThe texture of very fine thread spun by a spider for catching insects at its prey; a cobweb.
WebFig.: Tissue; texture; complicated fabrication.
WebA band of webbing used to regulate the extension of the hood.
WebA thin metal sheet, plate, or strip, as of lead.
WebThe blade of a sword.
WebThe blade of a saw.
WebThe thin, sharp part of a colter.
WebThe bit of a key.
WebA plate or thin portion, continuous or perforated, connecting stiffening ribs or flanges, or other parts of an object.
WebThe thin vertical plate or portion connecting the upper and lower flanges of an lower flanges of an iron girder, rolled beam, or railroad rail.
WebA disk or solid construction serving, instead of spokes, for connecting the rim and hub, in some kinds of car wheels, sheaves, etc.
WebThe arm of a crank between the shaft and the wrist.
WebThe part of a blackmith's anvil between the face and the foot.
WebPterygium; -- called also webeye.
WebThe membrane which unites the fingers or toes, either at their bases, as in man, or for a greater part of their length, as in many water birds and amphibians.
WebThe series of barbs implanted on each side of the shaft of a feather, whether stiff and united together by barbules, as in ordinary feathers, or soft and separate, as in downy feathers. See Feather.
WebTo unite or surround with a web, or as if with a web; to envelop; to entangle.


entanglement, network, vane, WWW, World Wide Web, net,
entanglement, vane, network, World Wide Web, WWW, blade, cloth, computer network, fabric, material, membrane, object, physical object, scheme, system, textile, tissue layer, trap,


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n. & v. --n. 1 a a woven fabric. b an amount woven in one piece. 2 a complete structure or connected series (a web of lies). 3 a cobweb, gossamer, or a similar product of a spinning creature. 4 a a membrane between the toes of a swimming animal or bird. b the vane of a bird's feather. 5 a a large roll of paper used in a continuous printing process. b an endless wire mesh on rollers, on which this is made. 6 a thin flat part connecting thicker or more solid parts in machinery etc. --v. (webbed, webbing) 1 tr. weave a web on. 2 intr. weave a web. øweb-footed having the toes connected by webs. web offset offset printing on a web of paper. web-wheel a wheel having a plate or web instead of spokes, or with rim, spokes, and centre in one piece as in watch-wheels. web-worm US a gregarious caterpillar spinning a large web in which to sleep or to feed on enclosed foliage. øøwebbed adj. [OE web, webb f. Gmc],

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Webs of intrigue and murky players obscure details , but the priorities are unmistakeable . Propletence pletich a temných hráčů zamlžují podrobnosti , ale priority jsou neklamné

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Term Word class Description
web nouncapitalized : WORLD WIDE WEB
web verbto provide with a web

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