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street pouliční
street ulice
street ulička
street ulice Med.
Street Silnice


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street. ulice .


StreetOriginally, a paved way or road; a public highway; now commonly, a thoroughfare in a city or village, bordered by dwellings or business houses.


chance, environment, neighborhood, neighbourhood, opportunity, thoroughfare,


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n. 1 a a public road in a city, town, or village. b this with the houses or other buildings on each side. 2 the persons who live or work on a particular street. øin the street 1 in the area outside the houses. 2 (of Stock Exchange business) done after closing-time. not in the same street with colloq. utterly inferior to in ability etc. on the streets 1 living by prostitution. 2 homeless. street Arab 1 a homeless child. 2 an urchin. street credibility familiarity with a fashionable urban subculture. street cries Brit. the cries of street hawkers. street door a main outer house-door opening on the street. street jewellery enamel advertising plates as collectors' items. streets ahead (often foll. by of) colloq. much superior (to). street value the value of drugs sold illicitly. up (or right up) one's street colloq. 1 within one's range of interest or knowledge. 2 to one's liking. øøstreeted adj. (also in comb.). streetward adj. & adv. [OE strót f. LL strata (via) paved (way), fem. past part. of sternere lay down],

Use in sentenses

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Street demonstrations ( or , as the French say : Amanif ” ) are a traditional part of the political vocabulary in France , and these seem to be evolving along customary lines . Pouliční demonstrace ( čili \„ manif “ , jak říkají Francouzi ) jsou tradiční součástí francouzského politického slovníku , a vyvíjejí se podle všeho v souladu s obvyklými představami
Street protests should concentrate on getting from Milosevic fair conditions for elections and acceptance of international monitoring ( but , needless to say , not from NATO countries ) . Pouliční protesty by se pak měly soustředit na to , aby Milošević přistoupil na podmínky čestného volebního boje a přijal mezinárodní dohled nad volbami ( netřeba snad zdůrazňovat , že nikoli ze členských zemí NATO )
Streets and squares , newspapers and literary journals became the ground for free public expression . Půdou pro svobodné veřejné vyjádření se staly ulice a náměstí , noviny i literární časopisy
Street - fighting will need to be done by those targeted by air bombardment : Saddam ' s elite troops . Boje v ulicích budou muset vést ti , proti nimž je zacíleno letecké bombardování : Saddámovy elitní jednotky
Streets became lethally dangerous , particularly for children . Ulice se staly smrtelně nebezpečným místem , zejména pro děti
Street demonstrations , elections , and political debate in cafes and on the Internet are flowering as never before . Pouliční demonstrace , volby i politické debaty v kavárnách a na internetu vzkvétají jako nikdy v minulosti

Merrian-Webster dictionary

Term Word class Description
street nounan environment (as in a depressed neighborhood or section of a city) of prostitution, poverty, dereliction, or crime
street adjectiveof or relating to the streetsas a adjoining or giving access to a street b carried on or taking place in the street c living or working on the streets d located in, used for, or serving as a guide to the streets e performing in or heard on the street f (1) suitable for wear or use on the street (2) not touching the ground used of a woman's dress in lengths reaching the knee, calf, or ankle g of or relating to the street environment

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