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representative představitel n:
representative reprezentant n:
representative reprezentativní
representative typický adj:
representative zástupce n:
representative zplnomocněnec
representative reprezentant Právnicko-obchodní pojem
representative zástupce Právnicko-obchodní pojem
Representative Zmocněnec GB
Representative Vzorek
Representative Zástupce
representative zmocněnec Interkulturní slovník


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representative. zástupce .


RepresentativeFitted to represent; exhibiting a similitude.
RepresentativeBearing the character or power of another; acting for another or others; as, a council representative of the people.
RepresentativeConducted by persons chosen to represent, or act as deputies for, the people; as, a representative government.
RepresentativeServing or fitted to present the full characters of the type of a group; typical; as, a representative genus in a family.
RepresentativeSimilar in general appearance, structure, and habits, but living in different regions; -- said of certain species and varieties.
RepresentativeGiving, or existing as, a transcript of what was originally presentative knowledge; as, representative faculties; representative knowledge. See Presentative, 3 and Represent, 8.
RepresentativeOne who, or that which, represents (anything); that which exhibits a likeness or similitude.
RepresentativeAn agent, deputy, or substitute, who supplies the place of another, or others, being invested with his or their authority.
RepresentativeOne who represents, or stands in the place of, another.
RepresentativeA member of the lower or popular house in a State legislature, or in the national Congress.
RepresentativeThat which presents the full character of the type of a group.
RepresentativeA species or variety which, in any region, takes the place of a similar one in another region.


emblematical, allegoric, symbolical, symbolic, allegorical, emblematic, democratic, typical, congressman, congresswoman, example, instance, illustration, spokesperson, interpreter, voice,
spokesperson, interpreter, voice, congressman, congresswoman, example, illustration, instance, advocate, advocator, exponent, information, legislator, negotiant, negotiator, proponent, treater,


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adj. & n. --adj. 1 typical of a class or category. 2 containing typical specimens of all or many classes (a representative sample). 3 a consisting of elected deputies etc. b based on the representation of a nation etc. by such deputies (representative government). 4 (foll. by of) serving as a portrayal or symbol of (representative of their attitude to work). 5 that presents or can present ideas to the mind (imagination is a representative faculty). --n. 1 (foll. by of) a sample, specimen, or typical embodiment or analogue of. 2 a the agent of a person or society. b a commercial traveller. 3 a delegate; a substitute. 4 a deputy in a representative assembly. 5 (of art) representational. øørepresentatively adv. representativeness n. [ME f. OF representatif -ive or med.L repraesentativus (as REPRESENT)],

Use in sentenses

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Representatives may demand interpretation into their home language , but a proposal to limit each country ’ s translation budget is likely to be accepted soon . Zástupci mohou požadovat tlumočení do svého domovského jazyka , avšak je pravděpodobné , že bude brzy přijat limit rozpočtu jednotlivých zemí na překlady
Representatives from the world ’ s major fishing nations , meeting this fall in Australia , have an opportunity to limit krill catches , thereby helping creatures that need krill to survive . Zástupci světových rybářských velmocí , kteří se letos na podzim scházejí v Austrálii , mají příležitost omezit lov krunýřovek , a pomoci tak živočichům , kteří krunýřovky potřebují k přežití
Representatives of the EU ’ s member states will meet in Brussels in mid - June to review a common policy towards Cuba . V Bruselu se v první polovině června sejdou čelní představitelé členských zemí Evropské unie , aby posoudili společnou politiku vůči Kubě
Representatives of an economically dynamic and socially conservative heartland are moving Turkey toward reform . Zástupci hospodářsky dynamického a společensky konzervativního srdce země posouvají Turecko k reformám
Representatives of 16 countries - - Austria , Ireland , Portugal , the three Scandinavian countries , and the ten states that will join the EU in May 2004 - - submitted a proposal , in the form of a declaration , that calls for preserving the EU ' s current delicate institutional balance . Zástupci šestnácti zemí - Rakouska , Irska , Portugalska , tří skandinávských zemí a deseti států , které do EU vstoupí v květnu 2004 - podali formou deklarace návrh , který vyzývá k zachování současné křehké institucionální rovnováhy EU

Merrian-Webster dictionary

Term Word class Description
representative adjectiveof or relating to representation or representationalism
representative nounone that represents another or others: as a (1) : one that represents a constituency as a member of a legislative body (2) : a member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress or a state legislature b : one that represents another as agent, deputy, substitute, or delegate usually being invested with the authority of the principal c : one that represents a business organization d : one that represents another as successor or heir

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