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arrest aretovat v:
arrest uvalení vazby
arrest zadržet
arrest zatčení v:
arrest zatknout v:
arrest dopadení Právnicko-obchodní pojem
arrest zadržet Právnicko-obchodní pojem
arrest aretovat CHEMISTRY
Arrest Aretovat
Arrest Uvěznit
Arrest Zatknout
Arrest Zatčení
Arrest Zácpa


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arrest. zatčení .


ArrestTo stop; to check or hinder the motion or action of; as, to arrest the current of a river; to arrest the senses.
ArrestTo take, seize, or apprehend by authority of law; as, to arrest one for debt, or for a crime.
ArrestTo seize on and fix; to hold; to catch; as, to arrest the eyes or attention.
ArrestTo rest or fasten; to fix; to concentrate.
ArrestTo tarry; to rest.
ArrestThe act of stopping, or restraining from further motion, etc.; stoppage; hindrance; restraint; as, an arrest of development.
ArrestThe taking or apprehending of a person by authority of law; legal restraint; custody. Also, a decree, mandate, or warrant.
ArrestAny seizure by power, physical or moral.
ArrestA scurfiness of the back part of the hind leg of a horse; -- also named rat-tails.


pinch, collar, catch, taking into custody, apprehension, check, stop, hitch, halt, stay, stoppage, get, catch, check, stop, contain, hold back, turn back, cop, collar, pick up, apprehend, nail, nab, hold, halt,
apprehension, catch, collar, pinch, taking into custody, check, halt, hitch, stay, stop, stoppage, capture, gaining control, inaction, inactiveness, inactivity, seizure,


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v. & n. 1 a seize (a person) and take into custody, esp. by legal authority. b seize (a ship) by legal authority. 2 stop or check (esp. a process or moving thing). 3 a attract (a person's attention). b attract the attention of (a person). --n. 1 the act of arresting or being arrested, esp. the legal seizure of a person. 2 a stoppage or check (cardiac arrest). øarrest of judgement Law the staying of proceedings, notwithstanding a verdict, on the grounds of a material irregularity in the course of the trial. øøarrestingly adv. [ME f. OF arester ult. f. L restare remain, stop],

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Arrests and prosecutions for endangering state security have risen sharply since September 11 , 2001 . Zatýkání a stíhání osob za ohrožování státní bezpečnosti prudce zesílilo po 11 . září 2001

Merrian-Webster dictionary

Term Word class Description
arrest nounthe taking or detaining in custody by authority of law
arrest transitive verbto catch suddenly and engagingly

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