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stream potok
stream proud
stream proudit v:
stream sled n:
stream proud Med.
Stream Proud GB
Stream Bach


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Stream. Stream .


StreamA current of water or other fluid; a liquid flowing continuously in a line or course, either on the earth, as a river, brook, etc., or from a vessel, reservoir, or fountain; specifically, any course of running water; as, many streams are blended in the Mississippi; gas and steam came from the earth in streams; a stream of molten lead from a furnace; a stream of lava from a volcano.
StreamA beam or ray of light.
StreamAnything issuing or moving with continued succession of parts; as, a stream of words; a stream of sand.
StreamA continued current or course; as, a stream of weather.
StreamCurrent; drift; tendency; series of tending or moving causes; as, the stream of opinions or manners.
StreamTo issue or flow in a stream; to flow freely or in a current, as a fluid or whatever is likened to fluids; as, tears streamed from her eyes.
StreamTo pour out, or emit, a stream or streams.
StreamTo issue in a stream of light; to radiate.
StreamTo extend; to stretch out with a wavy motion; to float in the wind; as, a flag streams in the wind.
StreamTo send forth in a current or stream; to cause to flow; to pour; as, his eyes streamed tears.
StreamTo mark with colors or embroidery in long tracts.
StreamTo unfurl.


current, current, flow, flow, flow, watercourse, swarm, pullulate, pour, teem, rain cats and dogs, pelt, pour, rain bucket, well out,
watercourse, flow, current, body of water, course, flowing, line, motion, move, movement, water,


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n. & v. --n. 1 a flowing body of water, esp. a small river. 2 a the flow of a fluid or of a mass of people (a stream of lava). b (in sing. or pl.) a large quantity of something that flows or moves along. 3 a current or direction in which things are moving or tending (against the stream). 4 Brit. a group of schoolchildren taught together as being of similar ability for a given age. --v. 1 intr. flow or move as a stream. 2 intr. run with liquid (my eyes were streaming). 3 intr. (of a banner or hair etc.) float or wave in the wind. 4 tr. emit a stream of (blood etc.). 5 tr. Brit. arrange (schoolchildren) in streams. øgo with the stream do as others do. on stream (of a factory etc.) in operation. stream-anchor an anchor intermediate in size between a bower and a kedge, esp. for use in warping. stream of consciousness 1 Psychol. a person's thoughts and conscious reactions to events perceived as a continuous flow. 2 a literary style depicting events in such a flow in the mind of a character. øøstreamless adj. streamlet n. [OE stream f. Gmc],

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Merrian-Webster dictionary

Term Word class Description
stream nounbritish : TRACK 3c
stream verbto display (as a flag) by waving

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