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inconvenience nepohodlí
inconvenience nepříjemnost n:
inconvenience nesnáz
inconvenience obtíž
inconvenience potíž
Inconvenience Nepříjemnost
Inconvenience Nesnáz
Inconvenience Potíž


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InconvenienceThe quality or condition of being inconvenient; want of convenience; unfitness; unsuitableness; inexpediency; awkwardness; as, the inconvenience of the arrangement.
InconvenienceThat which gives trouble, embarrassment, or uneasiness; disadvantage; anything that disturbs quiet, impedes prosperity, or increases the difficulty of action or success; as, one inconvenience of life is poverty.
InconvenienceTo put to inconvenience; to incommode; as, to inconvenience a neighbor.


incommodiousness, worriment, troublesomeness, discommode, trouble, disoblige, bothe, incommode, put out,
incommodiousness, troublesomeness, worriment, difficultness, difficulty, discomfort, ineptness, uncomfortableness, unsuitability, unsuitableness,


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(noun) incommodiousness|discomfort (generic term)|uncomfortableness (generic term)
(noun) troublesomeness|worriment|difficulty (generic term)|difficultness (generic term)
(noun) unsuitability (generic term)|unsuitableness (generic term)|ineptness (generic term)|convenience (antonym)
(verb) trouble|put out|disoblige|discommode|incommode|bother|affect (generic term)|impact (generic term)|bear upon (generic term)|bear on (generic term)|touch on (generic term)|touch (generic term)


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n. & v. --n. 1 lack of suitability to personal requirements or ease. 2 a cause or instance of this. cause inconvenience to. [ME f. OF f. LL inconvenientia (as INCONVENIENT)],

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inconvenience nounthe quality or state of being inconvenient
inconvenience transitive verbto subject to inconvenience put to trouble

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